Laser Instant Electronic Water Heater

The Laser will supply endless amounts of hot water, saving as much as 60% on water heating costs. The heating elements are shielded copper elements, used for reliability and long life. The Laser Electronic Linear Temperature control system makes it the most versatile unit in its class on the market today. Only one heater is needed for an entire apartment, small house, business, etc. It is compact in size, energy efficient and very easy to install. No venting or pressure relief valves are necessary.

  • Endless Amount of Water
  • Heats Water Only When Needed
  • No Flames or Fumes to Worry About
  • Very High Resistance to Hard Water
  • Energy Efficient
  • Laser Units Are For Export Sale Only
  • Shielded Copper Element
  • No Tank Ruptures or Flooding
  • No Pressure Relief valve or Venting
  • Will Not Turn on to Dripping Faucet
  • Linear Electronic Temperature Control


Small homes, Trailer & Motor Homes, Hotels & Motels, Apartments, Condos, Cottages, Hospitals, Playgrounds, and ANYWHERE HOT WATER IS NEEDED!

Laser model are for export sale only