Authorized Resellers

In order to protect the integrity of our products and to make sure that you will get your products complete and as promised Niagara Industries Inc. sell through authorized resellers only.  If you intend to buy from any other retailers website or auction site it is possible that you might lose any or all of your products. warranty privileges. You can always contact us before your purchase to make sure you buy from an authorized Titan®. reseller. (Verify Reseller)  Just give us the company name of the retailer you intend to make your purchase from. 

Remember to look for the seal and click on it to verify there standing with Niagara Industries.


Non - Authorized Resellers

If you buy a new or used Titan®. product from a non-authorized reseller, you will automatically forfeit your warranty protection. If the product was in any way altered by the seller, Niagara Industries. is not responsible for any damages.