Niagara Industries' goal is to deliver to each customer the best quality products. To support our extensive customer base, Niagara Industries has set up distribution sites around the U.S., Central America, South America, and the Caribbean to supply one-on-one support when needed to our customers. Niagara industries achievements have led to a few companies popping up overnight trying to imitate our products and services and failing to lack of experience.

Our dedicated staff of technicians and application engineers are here to assist you in every facet of your purchase from installation to operation. If you require technical support you can call the number listed below or email us at: for recommendations and installation questions.

Caution: Technical support is for qualified technicians only. Plumbing and electrical testing may be required. If you do not have knowledge of this please have a qualified professional contact us on your behalf. By contacting technical support you are indicating that you are a certified technician and take full responsibility for all actions. If you are not please have your technician call on your behalf.

Technical Support Line

Call: 844 811-5034

Between 9am to 5pm five days a week, you will hear a recorded message asking you to leave your contact information along with your question. Your information and your message will be emailed to our technical department who will listen to you question and call or email you with the appropriate responses.

Technical Support Email

If you have an application/installation support question after hours, weekends, holidays or during normal business hours, you can email us at

 Emails are monitored and responded
too from 9am -7pm Mon-Fri (after hours) and 10am - 6pm Sat & Sun.

Our units can also be used for commercial and industrial usage as well, If you have an application question please email our Application Engineering Dept.