Research & Development Dept.

Niagara Industries Inc multi-disciplined engineering staff is always looking for newer and better ways to improve product performance. We are in arrangements with a major electronic manufacturing companies testing new product developments before they go on the market, giving us the opportunity to test and evaluate their performance and allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. Our newest digital control platform with its real time readout and interactive design has raised the bar in the market yet again. The new Titan® digital tankless water heater has now rendered many other unit obsolete

We also incorporate a Research & Department Dept. (  solely devoted to developing new tankless units and other devices based on consumer demand and special engineering applications. Niagara Industries has gone beyond the older control system like full-on full-off and modulation control. Niagara industries has incorporated the new P.I.D algorithem controller, in essence a "self thinking technology." This system takes data inputted from sensors in the unit and determines what is the best setting for optimum efficiency and performance.