Titan®-SCR2 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater

In Keeping with the reliability and performance of our classic Titan-ATC Electronic Tankless Water Heater, we have developed the newer and more advanced TITAN®-SCR2. The new TITAN®-SCR2 Digital Tankless Water Heater incorporates new space age technology and features a faster and more accurate temperature sampling system, a manual resetable thermostat and a new air/water deferential analyzing system to prevent dry starts, (which is a key problem for other tankless systems.)

By heating water only as it is needed the TITAN®-SCR2 Digital Electronic Tankless Water Heater eliminates the need for bulky water heaters that heat water continuously. This can reduce hot water costs up to 60% over conventional electric water heaters. The TITAN®-SCR2's high efficiency is in part due to its dedicated digital microprocessor that samples input and output temperatures 21 times per second.

This power control system analyzes the data and manages power usage for maximum efficiency and temperature stability. At rest, the TITAN®-SCR2 uses no power at all.

Available in seven models, the TITAN®-SCR2 is ideal for a wide range of application. One TITAN®-SCR2 unit can supply the hot water needs of home and apartments, and in some applications, energy saving can pay back unit cost in less than one year.

Due to its shielded heating elements and copper & brass casing, the TITAN®-SCR2 is ideal in any application where mineral deposits shorten the life of a conventional water heater.

The TITAN®-SCR2 Tankless Water Heater comes with a 10 year warranty on all water-carrying components and all other parts are warrantied for one year. Installation is quick and easy, requiring no venting and the TITAN®-SCR2 compact size allows installation almost anywhere. The TITAN®-SCR2 is without a doubt the Tankless Water Heater for the 21st century.


TestedMET Laboratories
Dade Approval# 97-0627.16
NSF/ANSI-372 CertifiedETL Laboratories
Dimensions7" W x 10" H x 2-3/4 D
Weight8 Pounds
MaterialsBrass and Copper Casing
Pipe Fitting1/2" Standard Pipe
Pressure Requirements5 PSI-Min./150 PSI-Max
Voltage220 VAC Std.(208/277 Avail.)
ElementsDual Copper/Nichrome
Energy Efficiency99.5%
Activation0.4 GPM-on/).3 GPM-off
IndicatorsRed-on/Green-stand by
Warranty10 years on casing leakage, 1 year on components
ProtectionDigital Temperature Control - Manual Resetable Thermostat

U.S. Patent.# 8,150,246 & 8,297,525

Note that the KW and Amps are controlled by the setting on the Power Mode.

Check specifications on unit used. Voltage, amperage, breaker and wire may vary depending on local electrical standards. Consult a professional plumber and electrician for guidance.

The electrical specifications are based on 220 volts. It should be noted that higher voltage will increase power, just as lower voltage will have the reverse effect. The (POWER MODE CONTROL) can be adjusted to compensate allowing the user to increase or decrease water temperature. For best performance adjust temperature at MEDIUM FLOW (approximately 1 GPM) this is the average water flow at any faucet with an aerator.

Remember, that any adjustments made on your unit will take seconds to reach point of use. DO NOT OVER HEAT WATER. Water temperature from 105F to 120F is adequate for all practical purposes


ModelMax KW at 220VVoltsMax Amps at 220V

*N-10 uses 110 volts and will supply only warm water/ Temp rise information is for general reference only.  Voltage & length of run will determine actual  end temperature.


House -Apartments - Condominiums - Beauty Salons - Hospitals - Boats - Laboratories - Campers - Offices - Schools - Cottages - Restaurants - Barber Shops - Warehouses - Commercial and Industrial applications or anywhere hot water is needed.

We reserve the right to amend specifications as new technology develops.

Keeping the consumer in mind, Niagara Industries, Inc. has developed a new and more efficient instant water heater, with an improved design and state of the art technology. Niagara has created a new generation of electronic digital tankless water heaters, engineered for performance never before obtainable.

Hot Water Energy Conservation

Heating water accounts for up to 25% of the average household energy. A leak of one drip per second can cost you $1.00 per month, 2 drips $2.00 and so on... Installing aerators in faucets and low flow shower heads can save a significant amount of hot water.

Demand Water Heaters

One way to save on domestic hot water bills is to use (DEMAND TYPE WATER HEATER). A conventional hot water system heats water in a tank to a specified temperature. As heat is lost from the tank, the water is reheated until it reaches the specified temperature again. For most of the day the water in the tank is not used, but it loses heat continually. DEMAND WATER HEATERS Eliminate this problem by heating water only as hot water is drawn.


Avg./gal. hot water per/usage

Shower 20
Bath 20
Hands and face washing 4
Shaving 2
Hair shampoo 4
Hand dishwashing 4
Automatic dishwashing 14
Food preparation 5
Automatic clothes washer 32

Places Models

Houses N-120 / N-100
Apartments N-100 / N-85
Efficiencies N-85 / N-75
Point of use N-64 / N-10

N-10 uses 110 volts and will supply only warm water. In areas with cold weather, always use the highest model.

Facts: A 30 or 40 gallon hot water Heater Tank will supply only enough hot water for one or two showers before running out of hot water! Not with Titan Electronic Tankless Water Heater!

IT IS EASY TO SEE WHY CONVENTIONAL WATER HEATERS ARE NO LONGER ECONOMICAL OR PRACTICAL... They consume electricity to heat water that is not being used, a process that repeats itself over and over even though no hot water is needed.

The "TITAN®" Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater" provides hot water ONLY when you need it, without the costly reheating process. An electronic component monitors the temperature of the water at different flow rates and maintains a pre-set temperature, allowing the use of conventional or single handle faucets.